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This is a collection of Vegeta's funniest moments in DBZ Abridged. Thanks to Teamfourstar who kinda owns it but not really. Oh well who cares. Enjoy the video and subscribe.

Some thoughts on “Dragonball Z Abridged Vegeta Funny Moments

  1. jinrex015 says:

    7:06 That double ...

    7:06 That double take is golden

  2. Craig Halstead says:

    Vegeta yelled so ...

    Vegeta yelled so loud that 20 years later his own teenage son heard him. I laughed so hard I started crying that was so funny. Amazing work these guys do!

  3. mordecaimaster19 says:

    Vegeta! how many ...

    Vegeta! how many viewers does he have? *vegeta* Its uh... 79. *normal* What? *vegeta* Woops uh wrong one thats the submissions he got the viewers is Over 9OOO! *Breaks the password portable engerly* ERGH!

  4. stefhyn thompson says:

    2:10 vegeta you ...

    2:10 vegeta you will be in for a rude awakening...dumbass

  5. Josh Rzepka says:

    yeah this is good

    yeah this is good

  6. jake98777 says:

    No one can stop me ...

    No one can stop me now having such a good time I'm hold this ball lol

  7. JayAltima14 says:

    Awesome lmfao!! ...

    Awesome lmfao!! That's all watches do....dumb ass

  8. george hall says:

    "immortality is my ...

    "immortality is my bitch

  9. Drew Harkness says:

    This makes me want ...

    This makes me want to play mass effect, except this time, Renegade for life.

  10. TheGokuzfighter says:

    I'm just Sayian. ...

    I'm just Sayian. Wacha each a

  11. hanon2012 says:



  12. jake98777 says:

    I'm gonna Fu*king ...

    I'm gonna Fu*king kill you lol

  13. GhostBear3067 says:

    I CAN HEAR THE ...


  14. Jaime Cruz says:

    I need an adult

    I need an adult

  15. TheSacredImmortal says:

    lmao Vegeta put his ...

    lmao Vegeta put his hand on his face and outta no where Kneed him in the head. LMFAO!

  16. Punisher33100 says:

    I wonder what would ...

    I wonder what would happen if you put salt on them. sense nail said they are slug people.

  17. Chong Zhang says:

    When's the flipping ...

    When's the flipping off joke?

  18. Derek Arender says:

    The Dragon Ball GT ...

    The Dragon Ball GT theme

  19. Chastiti Fitzgerald says:

    02:01 So what are ...

    02:01 So what are you doing flying around flying around flying around foiling my plans foiling your plans are you no good cause that would be bad how bad i would have to kill you thats bad indeed stupid looking watch you got there yea it tells time ... and nothing else of corase thats what a watch does so can i help you no but maybe i can help you i need an adult i am an adult :P

  20. RazorThe SpeedHog says:

    gohan: hey do you ...

    gohan: hey do you hear that krillen: i feel that me: thats what she said

  21. anthony moore says:

    burter: here you go ...

    burter: here you go boss

  22. Roberto Colon says:

    hi!!!!!!!!! what's ...

    hi!!!!!!!!! what's up guys?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  23. ImmaGohanFuture says:



  24. AverageOtaku100 says:

    It's so loud, it ...

    It's so loud, it can be heard in the future.

  25. tmhjfire2 says:

    Vegeta: what are ...

    Vegeta: what are you doing