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Some thoughts on “Peter Ruckman,

  1. Jon Dabill says:

    So, Patrick, the ...

    So, Patrick, the minute you hate a brother, you have lost your salvation? lol. "Anyone teaching hate isn't teaching truth..." The Bible says to HATE sin. I guess you better throw away the Bible then.

  2. Suziebell K says:

    HAHAHA I love it!

    HAHAHA I love it!

  3. Patrick TheIFB says:

    In defense of what ...

    In defense of what I said, he claims that animals evolve from humans by claiming we start off being alive like animals. He also teaches man devolve in hell through different animal stages, none of which God's word teaches (yes the AV1611). A person is clearly not saved if they hate a brother, we are commanded to love our enemies, anyone teaching hate isn't teaching truth and I agree with you on the names you listed (I don't know who Pink was though). I believe in Free Will.

  4. Gregory Miller says:

    And, by the way, ...

    And, by the way, Peter Ruckman preaches against abortion and defines it as "sin" and lists it along with Sodomy, gay marriage, Socialism, euthanasia, etc., as proof of the apostasy of our time. Your description of his view as "cruel" is not true and it is not honest. You can differ with men without misrepresenting them.

  5. navyjim1 says:

    Once i was ...

    Once i was preaching a revival in Britton, Mi. About night 2, I said "You take grandma here; She has a 1/2 mental boy at home.Everytime she walks by him [with uplifted BACKHAND] get out of my way. You see her here in church all saintly, but after you find this out...she is not good in your eyes"....It happened....a man stopped me at the backdoor and said "how did you know?"....she got right, son got saved, and 2 others in her family [all fam of the pastor].....no joke.n..i was maligned,n dropped

  6. Patrick TheIFB says:

    God Bless brother ...

    God Bless brother and friend and love as well, i don't mean to be or come off harsh.

  7. Gregory Miller says:

    Luther hated the ...

    Luther hated the Jews. Calvin had Servetus killed. Spurgeon, Pink and others promoted Calvinism. I would go on and on listing the sins and heresies of men of God. If you can't disagree with Peter Ruckman over whether to define abortion as "murder" without separating yourself from brothers in Christ over it, then I will pray for you. I disagree with Ruckman on abortion and a number of other things, but I appreciate the man and his incredible ministry. Have some grace, brother.

  8. Patrick TheIFB says:

    I was interested in ...

    I was interested in your videos at first but not after this one promoting mr ruckman. he teaches animals are alive in the sames sense animals are and that abortion isn't murder. Nothing personal to you, but for ruckman, I don't see how anyone would listen to his teachings after hearing his cruel view toward babies, he doesn't know how to even love the brethren as we are commanded to (All unborn children are our brothers and sisters, ruckman says no they are animals until they "breathe").

  9. Gregory Miller says: